87 - Three Ways to Build Resilience

Episode: 87

Episode Title: Three Ways to Build Resilience 

File Name: three-ways-to-build-resilience


Pandemic fatigue is the new crisis fatigue—and chances are, we’re all feeling it. Coming up next on The Perna Syndicate, we’ll cover three ways to manage that fatigue—and come out more resilient on the other side. 


Ep 87 show:

Hello and welcome! This week, we’re talking about pandemic fatigue and the opportunity it has given us all to become more resilient. Just as we can’t build physical muscle without resistance, nor can we build the mental muscle of resilience without adverse circumstances. Right where you are today, you can become a more resilient individual. Here are three ways to start:


First off, stay connected. When we’re stressed with the ever-changing demands of pandemic life, it can be easy to withdraw. But now is the time to stay connected. Both in your personal life and professionally, keep relationships alive. When you communicate, make a special effort to listen; not only will it give the other person a lift, but it may also give you a fresh perspective on your own challenges. There’s always someone who’s got it tougher.


Second, feed your mind with healthy content. If you’re overwhelmed with negative thoughts, trace them back to what you’re consuming. It might be time to make some changes, like switching up some of your social media or news sites for something more positive.


Finally, don’t forget to focus, plan—and take action. Focus directs our undivided attention to the problem at hand. The potential solutions we then create are our plan, leading toward action to address the problem. 


These are the ingredients of positive change in any area of life—including pandemic fatigue. When focusing, planning and taking action becomes your default response to life’s challenges, you’ve become a more resilient individual.


As the pandemic drags on, employers have a role in helping their employees build resilience. Tomorrow, we’ll look at what you can do to encourage resilience in your team.v

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