Hi, I’m Mark.

I Believe That Gen Z is Incredibly Talented.

Why I champion the younger generations:

I’ve devoted my career to uncovering the secrets of the younger generations and empowering parents, educators, and employers to understand and motivate them at a new level. If you want to know what makes them tick, let’s connect. Not only have I written a book on this topic and given more than 200 radio, television, and podcast interviews about it, but I’ve also been in the trenches as a single father to two successful young people.

I champion the younger generations because they have so much untapped potential.


At more than 70 events every year, I deliver the keynote address that people actually remember. My actionable strategies and heartfelt inspiration have brought audiences all over North America to their feet. Through my Perna Syndicate podcast, I reach listeners in more than 60 countries with the message of purpose-driven education and employment. I’ve also spoken at Harvard University by special invitation.

I’m passionate about spreading this message far and wide because now is the moment for a massive paradigm shift.

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The world has changed—and we’ve got to change with it. Systemic challenges like the expanding skills gap, poor educational outcomes, and the student debt epidemic have been with us for far too long. That’s why I started Education with Purpose and Employment with Passion (EWP), a national movement to connect the pipelines between education, employment, and economic development. Our Call to Action livestream experiences are changing the game for communities everywhere who are tired of doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

The message of EWP is resonating with so many people because it connects the dots between education, employment, and economic development—so we can all move forward.

At our national conference of K–12 superintendents, Mark Perna shared a stirring keynote on not just why we urgently need to shift the K–12 school paradigm, but also HOW TO EFFECT THAT CHANGE.

His message laid the groundwork for further productive dialogue around how education must adapt and move forward to CONNECT THE DOTS for our younger generations. Mark’s passion for understanding Gen Z was a rallying call for all of us to learn, reflect, and build a stronger future—together!


Executive Director, Suburban School Superintendents


Confession: When I started writing my first book, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew it was a message the world needed to hear. And it’s being heard. Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations is a bestseller that has won eight national awards, including the Nautilus Book Award. I’m especially humbled by that one, as it’s given to books that are believed to make a positive difference in the world. Previous winners include Simon Sinek, Deepak Chopra, and the Dalai Lama.

Every week, I contribute at Forbes.com, where my articles and leadership videos reach an audience of more than 3.3 million. I also interview frequently on podcasts, radio, and TV to help people understand the younger generations better.

I write because today’s young people deserve to be understood and valued for the amazing contribution they can make.


More than 25 years ago, I saw the need for high-quality consulting and strategic planning services in the education and workforce development sector. So I started TFS Results, which today is a full-service consulting firm partnering with leaders in education and industry everywhere. Our mission is simple: we share and support your passion for making a difference.

Organizations of all sizes connect with us to maximize their engagement, recruitment, retention, and performance. We specialize in solving the challenges of education and workforce development through cutting-edge creative, coaching, and project management services. Through innovative products like our industry-leading Career Tree, we help educators and employers create a powerful journey that young people are motivated to take.

We do what we do because together, we’re shifting the paradigm for education, employment, and economic development.

Our diverse audience was deeply moved by Mark’s DYNAMIC message! Superintendents, principals, counselors, employers, HR folks, economic development, state legislators, and community leaders were all INSPIRED TO RETHINK what we do with young people—and why.

It was an extraordinary experience that has created the desire for an ongoing dialogue among all stakeholders. Mark brought our community together and IGNITED THE SPARK we needed. We’re ready to focus, plan, and most importantly, take action!


Executive Director at Union County Development Association

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