88 - Building a Resilient Workforce

Episode: 88

Episode Title: Building a Resilient Workforce

A resilient workforce can roll with the punches, stay productive amidst a pandemic, and keep moving forward even when things are tough. Coming up next, here’s what your team is looking for when they’re pandemic fatigued.


Ep 88 show:

Hello and welcome—you’re in The Perna Syndicate! Our topic this week is building resilience when you’re pandemic-fatigued. Recently, I spoke with Justin Black of the company Glint about how pandemic fatigue is affecting the workforce—and what managers can do about it. 


Glint’s most recent survey found that 80% of employees wanted more employer-sponsored mental health and well-being support. Employees also wanted better work-life balance and technology to connect with managers and teammates. It’s more important than ever that organizations be proactive about connecting with their employees frequently.


A sense of ongoing connection is especially important for younger workers, who are reporting the highest percentages of loneliness as a result of the pandemic. According to the research, 24 to 38-year-olds most desire employer-sponsored resources to improve their mental health and well-being, while those 54 and older asked for it the least. 


What’s the takeaway? Your team can become more resilient, but they need your involvement. Practices like regular mental health days and well-being support groups at work can be particularly valuable with the younger folks on your team.


The effects of coronavirus, and everything else 2020 has brought, are not going away any time soon. That means that employers have a clear role in helping their people manage the fatigue and come through it stronger and more resilient.  


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