85 - Planning a Dynamic Virtual PD Session

Episode: 85

Episode Title: Planning a Dynamic Virtual PD Session

File Name: planning-a-dynamic-virtual-PD-session


In 2020, event organizers everywhere have had to pivot from in-person events to virtual. Coming up next, here are three ways to make your virtual PD an unforgettable experience—in a good way. 


Ep 85 show:

Hi, and welcome to the Perna Syndicate! Yesterday we talked about three ways that participants can get the most out of their virtual professional development. Today, I want to offer some quick advice for the event planners behind the virtual PD. I see you, and I see what you’re struggling with. Going virtual is the right choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you want to keep the same impact of an in-person event when you’re going virtual, here are three ways to make it happen.


First, remember that moving forward with your objectives, even in the midst of unprecedented circumstances, can give your team a much-needed boost. Communicate to your organization that going virtual is not just a makeshift option—it’s the way of the future, and you’re embracing it. 


Second, make the presentation personal. In a virtual presentation, each participant feels that the speaker is directly addressing them. This can make the experience far more personal and engaging than many live events can be, so work with your presenter ahead of time to ensure maximum personal connection. 


The third strategy is to build interaction. Engaging virtual PD is all about discussion—and not just with the presenter, but among the entire audience. Chat breakouts, team activities, and more can build your team and make the event so much more than a “sit and get.” Work with your presenter ahead of time to build in opportunities for organic interaction and engagement. 


Virtual professional development may feel like a reluctant plan B, but it can actually make an enormous and positive difference in your organization. 


So that’s three strategies for dynamic virtual PD. Check out my virtual presentations page at MarkCPerna.com for four more strategies to plan an amazing live virtual presentation. 

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