84 - Making the Most of Your Virtual PD

Episode: 84

Episode Title: Making the Most of Your Virtual PD

File Name: making-the-most-of-your-virtual-PD


These days, most live professional development events are virtual. It’s a different experience than an in-person event—and in some ways, it’s even better. Stay tuned for more.


Ep 84 show:

Hello, and welcome—you are in the Perna Syndicate! Like everything else in 2020, professional development has gone virtual. Nowadays, I’m delivering live virtual PD every week to organizations around the country—and I’ve learned three ways that participants can get the most out of it. Because (let’s face it) if we ever needed PD to work, it’s now. 


The first tip is easy: turn on your webcam. (Yes, I know that means you have to look presentable, but trust me, it’s worth the effort!) When you show your face, you create a connection between yourself and the others in the meeting, as well as with the presenter. You’re also less tempted to multitask and can give your full attention to what’s going on. 


Second, get chatty! Use the chat feature to talk with others, ask questions, make suggestions, and jot down ideas. Far from being passive, live virtual presentations are actually more interactive than the typical lecture format of in-person presentations. The chat is one way that virtual PD can be better than on site, because it delivers a whole new way to engage with the material and your colleagues in real time. So use it!


Finally, go into it with a positive attitude. When you’re busy and stressed, taking part in virtual PD can feel like just another thing you have to do. Instead of being negative about it, choose to be positive. Resolve to learn at least three new things that you can implement right away in your personal or professional life. 


While I hope we’ll get back to live events soon, virtual PD is our world right now. And I’m discovering just how much I can learn from it. 


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