709-If You’re Laid Off

Episode: 709

Episode Title: If You’re Laid Off


Are you worried about being laid off? Now is the moment to make a plan so that you can use that downtime to your best advantage. Here’s how, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 709 show:

You’re now in The Perna Syndicate—hello! The recent layoffs in the tech industry have made a lot of current and prospective tech workers nervous. So, what if you find yourself in the position of being laid off? What should you do next? 


Well, it’s never fun when your employment situation changes unexpectedly. So it’s okay to feel all the emotions that come with that. But don’t stay there. Set yourself a goal to use this time wisely. It can be a tremendous opportunity to assess your skills and use the downtime to take advantage of new training and skilling pathways. 


You should also use this time to reach out to your professional and personal networks to help make connections to new organizations and opportunities.


Finally, being laid off could be the right time to embrace a new flexibility in your career. If you’ve never considered working with a staffing agency or consulting company, this might be the moment to try it. Such work may not have the security of the traditional 9 to 5 job, but it comes with its own benefits. 


These include the ability to work with a variety of top companies, learn new skills, gain exposure to different work cultures, and build connections with an array of projects and teams. Try to focus on what you can gain rather than what you lost.


Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a fresh career direction that will turn out to be a better path for where you’re at in your life. Don’t give up hope. Being laid off is not just an ending—it’s also a new beginning. 


Tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate, is there a soft skills gap in tech? Join me next time for that conversation—we’ll see you then!

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