652- 3 Motives to Give

Episode: 652

Episode Title: 3 Motives to Give


A recent study uncovered three motives that play into a person’s decision to make a charitable donation. Here’s what they are, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 652 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Classy, an online giving platform for fundraisers, recently released a study with encouraging news for the future of charitable giving. Even in this economy, 90% of respondents plan to give the same amount or more than they gave last year. And to do it, 39% are sacrificing some of their discretionary spending money so they can give. 


The study found that there were three main factors in the decision to donate. The first is an increase in the donor’s passion for the cause. Something happens to spur them to greater commitment. 


Second is an increase in the need for donations. If people can see the hardship becoming more prevalent, they’re moved to help. 


The third factor in the decision to give is when there’s an increase in the relevance of the cause. 60% of donors give to new causes when they see a pressing need in the news or experience a timely appeal for donations.


Last year, the biggest events motivating people to donate were international human rights crises, climate change, healthcare issues, and disability rights. 


You know what’s not on this list? Having more money to give. Somehow, that’s not a top reason for giving. It’s the want-to, how-to principle in action. Because they have the “want to give,” they figure out the “how to give.” It’s great to see. 


Tomorrow: what kind of donor are you? The study uncovered two main donor profiles and how each of them make a difference. Join me next time on The Perna Syndicate—see you then!

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