65 - Gen Z as Intrapreneurs

Episode: 65
Episode Title: Gen Z as Intrapreneurs
File Name: Gen-Z-as-intrapreneurs

Almost half of Gen Z says they want to be their own boss someday. So how can employers compete with that? Find out, coming up next. 

Ep 65 show:

Hello—you are now in The Perna Syndicate! Today we’re talking about the unprecedented entrepreneurial spirit of our youngest working generation, Gen Z. 

According to a recent study, a whopping 41% of this generation say they want to be their own boss someday. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a lazy or entitled group of young people to me. 

For companies who are looking to recruit and retain top Gen-Z talent, this may not sound like good news. But that’s where intrapreneurship comes in. 

Intrapreneurship is all about empowering employees to develop innovative ideas or initiatives, within the company. And it’s a great way to tap into the vast potential of Gen Z. 

Tina Slattery, head of talent acquisition at Panasonic, told me that “companies should encourage Gen-Zers to perform their work as if they’re the owner of that ‘business’ to help promote their entrepreneurial spirit.” So how can employers do this? By providing them with increasing opportunities to work autonomously, experiment with new ideas, and safely take risks. 

Gen Z is bursting with ideas and the desire to make them a reality. And they’re going to do it, whether in their own startup or as part of an established brand. Prioritizing an intrapreneurial work culture can go a long way toward attracting and retaining these talented young workers.  

That’s it for this week! For more insights into the mind of today’s younger generations, follow me at Forbes.com, where I publish fresh content every week. Have a great weekend!

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