64 - Blend Work and Life Without Losing Your Mind

Episode: 64

Episode Title: Blend Work and Life Without Losing Your Mind


Is it possible to be both productive at work and present at home without losing your mind? With the right boundaries, the answer is yes. Find out more, coming up next. 


Ep 64 show:

Hi, and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Yesterday, we talked about how the pressures of the pandemic and remote work is stressing everyone out—especially Millennials and Gen Z. Today, I want to offer some practical tips to alleviate some of that stress. These can help your work-life blend, no matter what generation you’re from. 


First off, set boundaries. Of course, this isn’t a new concept, but in our hyper-connected workplace, it can be harder than ever. And we can all use the reminder. Millennials especially report that modern technology makes it very difficult to switch off and stop thinking about work. But it’s crucial. 


Taking breaks, even scheduling them into your day, can really help. Go outside and talk a walk without your phone. Take email breaks before bed every night and on the weekends. Having some time away from work can refresh your mind so you’re better equipped to handle the stress during work hours. Plus, when you unplug, you’ll be more present at home. We all need some margin in our lives. 


And while initially it might sound like more work, staying organized can really boost your productivity while lowering your stress. Make a thoughtful daily checklist so you can accomplish the essentials, and then have time throughout the day for other activities that promote a calmer, more relaxed mindset. 


Giving yourself margin through healthy boundaries and checklists will take effort, but it can help you be productive at work and present at home—all without losing your mind. 


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