6 - Next Greatest Generation

Episode: 6-next-greatest-generation

Tease: Contrary to popular opinion, the Millennials and Gen Z are poised to become America’s next ‘Greatest Generation.’ What makes them so great?

Ep 6 show:

Together, the Millennials and Generation-Z are the largest generational cohort alive today, with the Millennials estimated at 75 million+ Americans and Generation-Z coming in at 65 million – that’s 140 million out of 330 million Americans for a whopping 42% of America. Though there are nuances between the two generations, they share many traits, especially an innate curiosity.

They’re always asking why—so much so, that I call them together “the Why Generation.” It’s because they want to improve the outcome and take pride in their contribution to something bigger than themselves. Smart, techy, and resourceful, they have an inherent ability to grasp the important facts, see the interrelations, and brainstorm big-picture solutions. When they see a compelling purpose in their effort, they pursue their goals with tenacious intensity. 

And yet despite all this, they are often characterized in a negative light: lazy, entitled, addicted to social media, self-focused, unmotivated, incompetent, and more. People tend to meet the expectations that are placed on them, and the Why Generation is no different. Young people who fit these stereotypes have not been challenged and equipped to reach their full potential. Could it be because their older-gen parents, educators, and employers don’t believe them capable?

Like the Greatest Generation who won World War II and built America into a global superpower, the Why Generation is intelligent, adaptable, inventive, and determined to make a positive difference. We just need to unleash them. 

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