5 - Are Young People a Liability?

Episode: 5-are-young-people-a-liability

Tease: Are younger workers a liability in the workplace, a problem to solve? Or are they something more? Stay tuned and let’s talk about it.

Ep 5 show:

The younger generations are starting to make a bigger impact at work. Millennials are already the largest cohort in the workplace, and Generation Z isn’t far behind. But are they thriving in their educational and career journey? Are they getting the answers to their all-important “Why?” 

The Millennials and Gen Z (or as I call them, the Why Generation) has benefited from the highest level of education our nation has yet seen. They’ve been educated, taught to believe in themselves, and given all the tools and technology to troubleshoot, streamline the process, and problem-solve. But then they enter the workforce—and everything changes. 

All of the sudden, they’re expected to fit the mold instead of reinventing it. They’ve been told they can change the world—but not to question company policy. Many times, they’ve been given rules instead of wings. And it’s crippling the fresh perspective they can bring to the challenges facing our world today.

Forward-thinking employers must realize that these young Americans are not a workforce liability or problem for older generations to solve. On the contrary, their inquisitive and innovative nature is what will drive the future—and make them the next Greatest Generation.

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