59 - How Panasonic Engages Generation Z, Part 2

Episode: 59

Episode Title: How Panasonic Engages Generation Z, Part 2

If Generation Z are digital natives, why do they prefer face-to-face conversations? Find out next on The Perna Syndicate. 


Ep 59 show:

Hello, and welcome to the show! I’m your host, Mark Perna. Recently, I talked to Tina Slattery, head of talent acquisition at Panasonic, about the trends they’re seeing with Gen Z in the workplace. One of the things we discussed surprised me, and that was Gen Z’s preference for in-person conversations.


Though they’re digital natives to a far greater extent than any previous generation, Gen Zers are also big fans of face-to-face interactions. Even in the age of remote work, Tina says that “in-person job interviews can provide Gen-Zers with a real sense for a company’s people and work culture.” Of course, if you’re hiring Gen Z, be sure to offer virtual interviews, too. But don’t miss the fact that they like to communicate face to face whenever possible.


Personally, I wonder if it’s because Gen Z are digital natives that they crave the authenticity of talking face to face, with the body language and tone and all the little human things that get lost in translation online.  


Along with in-person conversations, Gen Z also prioritizes a career that has a bigger goal than just paying the bills. Like the millennials before them, Gen Z is looking for employers that value purpose as much as profit. 


That means companies have to craft a meaningful narrative about their efforts to make the world a better place. But Tina has a word of caution about this. “That narrative must be authentic,” she says. “For Gen-Zers, seeing is believing. They easily sniff out lip service and, unlike some of their different-gen counterparts, have no trouble calling it out.”


That’s it for today. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at why younger workers expect everything to be personalized and how they’re overcoming the negative stereotypes about their generation. We’ll see you then!

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