60 - How Panasonic Engages Generation Z, Part 3

Episode: 60

Episode Title: How Panasonic Engages Generation Z, Part 3

Gen Z expects personalization in everything, even their careers. Here’s why it matters so much to them—coming up next. 


Ep 60 show:

Hello, and welcome—you’re in The Perna Syndicate! We’re wrapping up the week with two more insights on Generation Z from Panasonic’s head of talent acquisition, Tina Slattery. And the first one is personalization.


Gen-Z expects personalization in everything, and why wouldn’t they? They’ve been raised in a world that allows them to express their personal preferences and individuality in every possible way. And they approach the workplace the same way. 


In a world that is increasingly automated and impersonal, it makes sense that young people are looking for that personal touch, something that indicates that they are known—and valued. Tina says, “At Panasonic, we’re constantly working to create highly individualized experiences for both job candidates and employees, and to regularly evaluate our approach to be as fluid and effective as possible.” The takeaway is this: for Gen Z, personalization is going to be more than a perk. 


The second insight has to do with the negative stereotypes that Gen-Z and Millennial workers often face, such as being lazy, entitled or disloyal. As a Millennial, Tina has experienced this herself, saying, “I still have to overcome the sweeping stereotypes synonymous with my own generation.” But there’s a bright side. Because of her experience, she says, “This motivates me even more to ensure that, at Panasonic, no one is unfairly projecting onto another generation.” 


Gen-Z is a talented and intelligent part of the up-and-coming workforce. Understanding what makes them tick can pave the way for a positive work culture where each generation is valued for the unique contribution they make. 


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