26 - How-to Bungle-Your Internship

Episode: 26-how-to-bungle-your-internship


Tease: Internships can bring tremendous value to a young person’s career journey—but there are three surefire ways to bungle the whole thing. Find out what not to do today on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 26 show:

Hello, and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Today we’re talking internships and all the great benefits they can deliver—like gainful career development, prime networking opportunities, and practical on-the-job experience. But despite this, some interns still manage to bungle this opportunity, big time. 


There are three common mistakes that interns often make:


Number one, they’re ho-hum. They’re only there to pump up their résumé and they express little to no energy or excitement. They may be on the clock, but they just punch in—and then mentally check out.


Number two, they play it safe. Rather than be a self-starter—even when their manager is watching—they stay in their comfort zone and avoid situations that might push them to grow in their skills and knowledge. 


Number three, they do the bare minimum. If there’s slack time, they twiddle their thumbs rather than asking for a new task or project. They’re passive, not proactive.


So there you have it: three ways to bungle your internship. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about three powerful ways to not just “do enough” in your internship, but really crush it.


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