197 - A Big Goal Starts with Smaller Ones

Episode: 197

Episode Title: A Big Goal Starts with Smaller Ones

To reach a big goal, you may want to take a cue from America’s space program and break it down into smaller objectives. Stay tuned for more, coming up next on the Syndicate.


Ep 197 show:

Hello and welcome—you are now in The Perna Syndicate! I often talk about Apollo 13, one of my favorite movies. It’s an amazingly crafted story of courage against tremendous odds. I love the line where Commander Jim Lovell, looking up at the night sky, muses on how mankind had reached the moon. He says, “It wasn’t a miracle. We just decided to go.”


America’s space program is an inspiring saga, but the people who lived it didn’t know it was going to be a success story. They decided to go, but they didn’t know for sure that they were going to arrive. They experienced major setbacks and losses along the way—but they never gave up. That’s why they succeeded.


I think one of the most inspiring lessons I’ve learned from the Space Race is how smaller objectives ladder up to the ultimate goal. Landing on the moon was always the end goal, but the middle of the story was filled with smaller achievements that made that end goal possible. 


In one mission alone, Apollo 9, there were 11 operations safely completed that had never been done before. Each successful mission laid the groundwork for the next success. And each failure was something to learn from. 


The men and women who made the space program a success did so because they broke the huge goal down into smaller ones and then focused on meeting them. Smaller goals are the heart of the story. So what’s your huge goal? And what smaller goals can you set to reach it? 


Tomorrow, we’ll talk about why it’s so important to celebrate every small goal you meet on your way to achieving your ultimate objective. See you then!

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