183 - Static Purpose And Why Kids Get Stuck There

Episode: 183

Episode Title: Static Purpose And Why Kids Get Stuck There


Too many young people today are stuck in static purpose in their educational journey—afraid to take a step forward. Here’s why, coming up next on the Syndicate. 


Ep 183 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host Mark Perna, and this week we’re talking about the two motivational settings where we all live: static purpose and active purpose. 


Young people are deeply affected by whichever motivational mode is dominant for them. In their lives, static purpose mode means they’re standing still in the tunnel of their education. They’re not moving forward, they’re not advancing—they’re just trying to survive. 


They could be stuck in static purpose for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re apathetic. Maybe they’ve experienced some kind of trauma that has impeded their ability to develop in a healthy way. Maybe they’re dealing with social and emotional issues. Maybe they’re scared to fail or make a mistake. Maybe they just don’t see a light at the end of their tunnel that would give them a reason to move forward. 


Some kids are stuck because they see education as one of their problems. What they need most is a fresh perspective, where they see that, far from being their problem, education can actually become their solution.


Of course, we know education is the solution, but for a learner to get out of static purpose, they have to see education as a solution for themselves. Purpose is the secret to getting young people to view their education that way. When they see the reason why, they can switch to active purpose and start thriving in their education, rather than just surviving it. 


What happens when a young person shifts from static purpose to active purpose? We’ll talk about it tomorrow on the Syndicate. See you then!

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