182 - The Two Modes Where We All Live

Episode: 182

Episode Title: The Two Modes Where We All Live


We all live in two modes: static purpose and active purpose. Your mode determines how much you achieve. Find out more, coming up next on the Syndicate. 


Ep 182 show:

Welcome—you’re now in The Perna Syndicate! The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a motivational strategy I’ve created to understand what makes people move forward. They see the light, the thing that they want, so they start moving through the tunnel of whatever they have to achieve to reach the reward at the end. 


But sometimes, we get stuck in the tunnel. We don’t move forward. We do the bare minimum to survive; there is no forward progress. This is what I call static purpose mode. 


In static purpose, I am living in the status quo. Whether from apathy, fear, or some trauma in my life, I’m stuck where I am.


But there’s another mode: active purpose. In this mode, we are taking decisive steps toward the things we want to accomplish. Active purpose doesn’t mean we are accomplishing everything instantly, but we are motivated and doing the work to reach our goals.


We all live in active and static purpose modes, sometimes switching between both in the same day. This is a regular part of life. The secret of success is knowing how to shift ourselves from static purpose to active purpose, where we are taking steps and making progress. 


Static purpose can be tough to escape—especially for young people who may feel like their education is a tunnel with no end in sight. But as parents and educators, we can help. 


Tomorrow, we’ll look at why kids get stuck in the tunnel of their educational journey and how we can help them get unstuck and start operating in active purpose mode. We’ll see you back here tomorrow at the Syndicate!

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