184 - Active Purpose And How to Foster It

Episode: 184

Episode Title: Active Purpose And How to Foster It

To excel in their educational and career journey, young people need to experience active purpose. This motivational mode is what students need most at school—and in life. Here’s why, coming up next. 


Ep 184 show:

Hello and welcome! This is The Perna Syndicate and I’m your host, Mark Perna. This week we’ve been talking about static and active purpose and how these motivational modes affect young people’s ability to achieve. 


When a student is standing still in the tunnel of their education, they’re stuck in static purpose. They don’t see the light, they’re simply trying to survive, and getting them to take a step forward seems almost impossible. They’re static. 


Active purpose, on the other hand, is where achievement happens. Young people operating in active purpose are taking steps toward their goals. Maybe the steps are small, maybe there are setbacks and directional changes and other obstacles to overcome, but the point is that they are moving forward. They’re active. 


Students—and really all of us—can switch back and forth between static purpose and active purpose every day. What matters is which mode we spend the most time in. We foster active purpose by helping young people see a light at the end of their tunnel that they are motivated to reach.


Young people can operate in active purpose when they realize education is their solution, not just another of their problems. When we connect, engage, and answer why, they can see that their educational tunnel has a light at the end of it. And they’ll be motivated to move toward that light. 


That’s active purpose—and it makes all the difference. 


We often ask students what they’re passionate about, but a better question might be what they’re interested in. Find out why tomorrow on the Syndicate. See you then!

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