155 - Gen-Z and the PD of the Future

Episode Title: Gen-Z and the PD of the Future

Gen-Z wants to develop their career skills, but on their own terms. Here’s how they want to do it, coming up next.

Ep 155 show:

Welcome! You are now in The Perna Syndicate and today, we’re continuing the conversation about the challenges Gen-Z is facing when it comes to remote work. A new survey by Ten Spot indicates that 59% of Gen-Z workers ranked learning new skills as their top benefit of working from home.

Sammy Courtright, co-founder of Ten Spot, says that Gen-Z wants autonomy when it comes to learning and professional development. They grew up learning things from YouTube videos, binge-watching shows on Netflix and shopping recommendations tailored for them by Amazon. As a result, they’re used to customized and catered experiences that they can access on-demand. Quite naturally, they see their professional learning the same way.

This plays out in the workplace with Gen-Z wanting to acquire skills and knowledge at their own pace. It’s less of ‘I have to take this professional development course at this exact time’ and more like ‘I’ll get to it when I want to and in my own way.’

And of course, the subject has to be something compelling that they want to learn about, something that answers the what’s-in-it-for-me question right off the bat with an answer they value.

The bottom line for employers is that flexible skill development is the PD of the future. Find options that make sense for your organization and give employees as much autonomy as possible to pursue their own growth. As Gen-Z workers continue to adjust to the virtual workplace, support their growth with lots of choices and opportunities to master new skills.

That’s it for the Syndicate this week. Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you back here next week with more insights on education, careers, and workforce development.

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