154 - Gen-Z And Mental Health

Episode Title: Gen-Z And Mental Health

Gen-Z is struggling with mental health more than ever. Here are a few ways to help, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.

Ep 154 show:

Hello and welcome! Gen-Z has been struggling with mental health ever since the pandemic sent everyone home for school and work. According to a new survey by Ten Spot, mental health is the topic Gen-Z requests the most for company-sponsored virtual events.

Social media may play a role in the severe mental health challenges this generation is experiencing. Sammy Courtright, Ten Spot’s cofounder, observes that Gen-Z is the first generation to actually grow up with tech and social media as part of their everyday lives. There’s more screen time, more Instagramming, more TikToking, and more overall broadcasting of daily life. And with it, an immense pressure to compete.

But on the bright side, Gen-Z is also the generation that is most open to seeking out help with their mental health and wellbeing.

One of the biggest ways we can help in this area is to embrace the need for, and value of, mental health and wellness. It’s a real problem and one that many young people need help navigating. There’s help out there, and we can assist young people in connecting with the resources they need.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to be good listeners. That means we truly empathize with the young people in our sphere of influence who are dealing with mental health, and offer help without stigmatizing their particular struggle.

Mental health has been tough for everyone during the pandemic, and young people especially need our help. Let’s be there to listen and offer practical help as we can.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the unique ways that Gen-Z wants to develop their career skills while working from home. Until tomorrow!

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