148 - 3 Bad Reasons For Not Saying Thank You

Episode: 148

Episode Title: 3 Bad Reasons For Not Saying Thank You
File Name: 3-bad-reasons-for-not-saying-thank-you

Why aren’t more managers saying thank you to their teams? Here are three bad reasons that might be stopping them, coming up next.

Ep 148 show:
Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host, Mark Perna. This week, we’re talking about a new survey by Workhuman about employee appreciation. Sadly, this is an area where a lot of employers are falling short.

Research shows tremendous benefits associated with regular employee recognition, so why aren’t more companies making strides to thank their employees? There are three bad reasons that might be hindering a company’s growth in this area.

First, feeling too busy. We all have a lot on our plate—but how much of it is really more important than retaining top performers? Not to mention enhancing the performance of the rest of the team. In an ever-digitizing workplace, a personal thank you means more than ever.

Second, organizations may fail here because they somehow believe that recognition is just stroking employees’ ego. But wanting to feel recognized and appreciated when we put in our best work is a natural and universal human desire. Employees want to know that their contribution matters and that others care about their effort. Recognizing employees is about motivation, not manipulation.

Third and finally, some organizations may not be recognizing employees because they think it’s complicated to start and sustain. But, as we’ll talk about tomorrow, letting employees know you appreciate them is not rocket science. There are many simple ways to express gratitude to your team for everything they do.

So there are three bad reasons for not saying thank you. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about three ways managers can start appreciating employees and improve their workplace culture. Stay tuned and we’ll see you then!

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