137 - A Dynamic Narrative for Post-Pandemic Success

Episode: 137

Episode Title: A Dynamic Narrative for Post-Pandemic Success

How do you tell a story that actually changes the way someone thinks? With a dynamic narrative, we can win the hearts and minds of students and parents. Stay tuned for more, coming up next.


Ep 137 show:

Hello, and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! What do you think has more power to change someone’s mind: a reasoned argument, or a compelling story? I have to come down on the side of a compelling story, one that draws you in and leaves a deep impression. All the facts and statistics in the world can’t replace the power of a dynamic and well-told narrative. 


This is one of the topics I’m going to dive into on my Zoom webinar next week, all about revitalizing enrollment, retention, and performance in our post-pandemic world. To win the hearts and minds of students and parents, we have to create and communicate a dynamic narrative around the value of our programs and pathways. 


I don’t know if you remember the “choose your own adventure” books for young adults that allow the reader to make decisions at critical points of the story and see what would happen in their chosen storyline. A powerful narrative for career-focused education is similar. Students get to pick where they go at every critical stage. They write their own story—and that’s why it’s an adventure. 


Our narrative must connect the dots between the program and the future that young people want to enjoy. We have to show them that their program is a springboard to literally hundreds of career opportunities. It should open their eyes, show them things they never considered before. And it should get them excited to start choosing their own career and life adventure. 


This is how we will start revitalizing our results in enrollment, retention, and performance—pandemic or not. 


Tomorrow, we’re going to look at the single most important competitive advantage for young people entering a post-pandemic workforce. To join my full deep dive webinar next week, visit TFSresults.com. We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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