138 - Connect, Engage, and Answer Why

Episode: 138

Episode Title: Connect, Engage, and Answer Why


The pandemic may have changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t changed our mission to connect, engage, and answer why for today’s younger generations. Stay tuned for more.


Ep 138 show:

Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! All week, we’ve been talking about how we can revitalize enrollment, retention, and performance results in a world forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


I don’t think anyone could have predicted the sweeping changes that have reshaped the American educational system in such a short period of time. I’m immensely proud of the teachers, administrators, and support staff who have gone above and beyond to continue serving students, even in such challenging times.  


We’ve all had to change and reinvent and rethink so much of what we do on a daily basis. But there are some things that the pandemic hasn’t changed. One of them is how we truly reach young people and inspire them with a passion for their future. We connect, we engage, and we answer why. 


There’s a reason that I call today’s younger generations “the Why Generation”. To enlist their fullest effort, we first have to answer their question, why? Why do this? Why work hard? Why does this matter to me? 


We connect with them so we have their attention. We engage them so that we keep it. And then, every day, we answer why so that they have a clear picture of what they’re trying to accomplish through their education and ultimately their career. 


We’ve changed a lot of things, but never change the way you connect, engage, and answer why for today’s young people. It makes a tremendous difference. 


I’ll be talking about this more in my Zoom webinar next week, all about revitalizing enrollment, retention, and performance in a post-pandemic landscape. To join in, visit TFSresults.com. 

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