130 - 3 Ways to Grow Your Soft Skills

Episode: 130

Episode Title: 3 Ways to Grow Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are critical in our remote workplace, but how do you actually attain them? Stay tuned for three ways you can grow in this area, coming up next.


Ep 130 show:

Hello and happy Friday—you’re now in The Perna Syndicate! This week, we’ve been talking about the soft skills needed for remote work. We took a special look at the soft skills of Service Orientation, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. 


So I ask, did any of these skills stick out to you as opportunities for improvement? I spoke with FlexJobs career coach Brie Reynolds for some advice on how we can all grow our soft skills in 2021. 


First, identify the soft skills you already possess. This will encourage you in the growth you’ve already experienced and motivate you to grow further. You can do a self-audit, take a soft-skills test online, and also ask people close to you, such as friends, family and coworkers, to share their perspective on your strengths and opportunities for improvement. 


Another way to target a specific soft skill is to take a class. My Forbes article on this topic links to a list of free online courses to enhance your soft skills. Then, once you’ve taken a class, it’s time to put that skill into practice—both at work and in your personal life. 


Finally, do an informational interview with someone who models the skill you’re trying to build. Who do you look up to? Interviewing them is a great way to learn from their experience and get insights you may not receive elsewhere. 


Soft skills are an area where we should never stop growing. And as we meet the challenges of 2021, let’s not forget to be the best we can be in every interaction—using our soft skills to build valuable connections across the distance. 


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