127 - Are You Service Oriented?

Episode: 127

Episode Title: Are You Service Oriented?


How well do you perform when it comes to the soft skill known as Service Orientation? On today’s show, we profile this critical workplace skill, coming up next.


Ep 127 show:

Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Yesterday we talked about a new analysis that rates 25 distinct soft skills for the top 10 fields in remote work. There’s one soft skill that kept cropping up on that list, across such diverse fields as Sales, Medical & Health, Customer Service, and Administration. And it’s called Service Orientation. 


What is Service Orientation? The FlexJobs and PAIRIN study defines it as “the ability to anticipate, identify, and meet people’s often unspoken needs through assistance, products, or services and the drive to generate customer satisfaction and loyalty.” 


There’s a lot in that definition, so let’s unpack it. Anticipating people’s needs isn’t reactive; it’s proactive. You don’t wait for people to voice what they want; you think ahead, and you act.   


Being able to identify and meet people’s needs before they even speak them is an incredible soft skill, and one that’s needed in every industry. And in a remote workplace, you can see how it would become even more important. 


Communication has always been a challenge at work, and never more so than today when many of us are communicating via a screen rather than in person. Knowing your coworkers and clients well enough to anticipate what they need—and then deliver it—will make you an invaluable part of the team. 


No matter what sector you work in, Service Orientation is a soft skill that’s worth cultivating. You coworkers and clients will thank you—and so will your career. 


And there you have it: today’s insight from The Perna Syndicate. Tune in tomorrow for a deep dive on another critical soft skill in the age of remote work: Social Awareness. We’ll see you then!

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