119 - Blazing the Light for Young People

Episode: 119

Episode Title: Blazing the Light for Young People

Like the rest of us, young people need frequent reminders of the light at the end of their tunnel. Here’s how parents, educators, and employers can help blaze that light—coming up next.


Ep 119 show:

You are now in The Perna Syndicate—welcome! All week, we’ve been talking about motivating ourselves and the young people we influence with a strategy called the light at the end of the tunnel. If you missed this week’s episodes, be sure to check them out.  


So once young people have identified the light at the end of their educational and career tunnel—and that light can be anything, it’s completely unique to the individual—they need to keep seeing it in front of them. They will perform beyond expectations when they are internally motivated by something they really want. 


I say it all the time: when the “want-to” is strong enough, the “how-to” will come. Students who are shown and embrace their personal Light will do whatever it takes to get through the tunnel, overcoming obstacles, roadblocks, and family and financial challenges to reach their chosen destination. 


But let’s face it: it can be easy to lose sight of the reward when you’re still working your way through the tunnel. That’s why we, as parents, educators, and employers, have to blaze that light. 


Today’s younger generations need frequent reminders of the ultimate goal, the light, so they don’t give up halfway through. They should be refocused on the light throughout their entire relationship with you. Remind them every day about the light; let them know how far they’ve come and how much closer they are. Make the light a part of every conversation about their performance. When we keep blazing the light, they can achieve incredible things. 


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