107 - How Hiring Will Change in 2021

Episode: 107

Episode Title: How Hiring Will Change in 2021

File Name: how-hiring-will-change-in-2021


Across almost all industries, talent acquisition is going to look a lot different this year. Stay tuned to find out how, coming up next on the Perna Syndicate. 


Ep 107 show:

Hi, I’m your host Mark Perna—welcome! In 2021, we’re entering a whole new era in hiring and recruitment. The economy is picking up, businesses need more skilled workers—but what does talent acquisition look like in the midst of a pandemic? 


The short answer is digital—very, very digital. Thanks to Covid-19, the traditional hiring process has been harder than ever this past year as recruiters and candidates scrambled to adapt to a fully remote experience. But across almost all industries, seismic shifts are well underway. 


Digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic, forcing companies of all sizes to fast-track their digital plans. According to a Sage report, 24% of businesses have started using AI for their talent acquisition needs, with 56% of managers planning to adopt automated technology in the next twelve months. 


This year, hiring is all about efficiency—both for the candidate and the recruiter. The candidate pool is now global, creating a massive increase in the screening work that employers have to do. 


Digital hiring tools were already on the rise, but the pandemic has accelerated their use. As companies rethink how they hire, AI and automation are coming to the forefront as necessities for growth in a post-pandemic workplace. 


It’s time to adapt, yet again. 


AI and automation sound impersonal, but they can actually allow for more human connection throughout the hiring process. We’ll talk more about this surprising reality tomorrow on the show…see you then!

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