106 - This Year, Look Past the Distractions

Episode: 106

Episode Title: This Year, Look Past the Distractions

2020 may be over, but 2021 will have its own share of distractions from the work before us. Here’s how to look past those distractions to the true purpose of what you’re doing—coming up next. 


Ep 106 show:

Hello and happy Monday! You’re now in the Perna Syndicate. Let’s kick off this week with something we all deal with every day: distractions. 


I’ll never forget the speech I gave one summer in a blazing hot gymnasium. Drenched (literally drenched) in sweat, I was trying to talk over the huge industrial fans they brought in to cool things down. It was unbelievably hot and uncomfortable—not just for me, but for everyone there. And then, the flies arrived. 


These flies were everywhere, all over me, filling my range of vision. As I looked out at the people, all I could see were the flies in front of my face. I was struggling big time to even recall what my speech was about, much less deliver it well. But then I remembered the purpose of what I was doing, why I was there, and why, in the big picture, the flies didn’t matter. 


The flies that day were a lot like the distractions we all face in life. There are always adverse circumstances, things that obstruct our vision and steal attention from what’s important. But we all have the ability to look past them. 


As you plan all the things you want to accomplish this year, consider: What is distracting you? What are the flies in your range of vision? And how can you look past them to the real reason that drives you to perform with excellence? 


Keeping our purpose firmly in view is the only way we’re going to achieve our goals in 2021. Don’t let the flies stop you from making a bigger difference this year. Look past the distractions—and keep driving toward your greater purpose. 


And there you have it: today’s insight from The Perna Syndicate. For more free resources, connect with me at MarkCPerna.com.

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