108 - How AI Makes Hiring More Personal

Episode: 108

Episode Title: How AI Makes Hiring More Personal

Thanks to COVID, more and more employers are turning to AI and automation to add efficiency to the hiring and recruitment process. But can these digital tools actually make the experience more personal? Coming up next!


Ep 108 show:

Hello and welcome to the Perna Syndicate! Yesterday we talked about the fast-growing trend of digital hiring and recruitment. 56% of managers are planning to adopt digital hiring tools in one form or another this coming year. But doesn’t that seem kind of…cold and impersonal?


I recently spoke with Greg Moran, the CEO of the digital hiring platform OutMatch, about this and he had an unexpected take on this question. Moran says that using AI in the screening and hiring process can actually make the whole experience more personal. 


Why? Because, done right, automation can offload the more repetitive, process-driven tasks to a bot. This allows recruiters to be more available and more high touch throughout the entire process. 


Of course, an effective hiring process should include people at both ends. Far from replacing the recruiter’s role, intelligent automation can ideally supplement that work by filtering data quickly, transparently and without error. 


Moran says that this frees up recruiters’ time to focus on the more important aspects of hiring, such as making personal connections with candidates. 


As the workforce continues to evolve, human interaction and engagement is what will keep morale high and ultimately help create a more resilient workforce. And if AI can help that happen, maybe it’s not so impersonal after all. 


How will young people adapt to these new trends in hiring and recruitment? If their new nickname—Generation Resilient—is any indication, they’re going to thrive. Tune in tomorrow for more on why today’s young people believe that they’ve got a bright future ahead.

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