631-New Year, New Job?

Episode: 631

Episode Title: New Year, New Job?


If they could, 64% of employees would quit or switch jobs right now. Here’s the latest on how people are feeling about work, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 631 show:

This is The Perna Syndicate and I’m your host, Mark Perna. Thanks for tuning in! As we start the New Year, many people are also in the market for a new job. Are you among them?


The pandemic continues to reshape how many of us think about where and how we work. For many, it’s been an opportunity to rethink their priorities and what matters most to them. That’s one reason why we’ve seen trends like quiet quitting emerge—which I happen to be a fan of. 


But a new survey released by The Workforce Institute at UKG reveals a bleak picture. Nearly half of workers said they wouldn’t recommend their company—or their profession—to their children or any young person they care about. 


Nearly two-thirds of employees would switch jobs right now if they could. Perhaps even more sobering, 45% of American employees said they wouldn’t wish their job on their worst enemy. It’s really that bad out there.


Finally, another 45% simply “don’t want to work anymore.” That would be nice…or would it really? Is a life devoid of work really what people want, or are they simply looking for work that has meaning?


This week, we’re going to take a closer look at some of these numbers and what they tell us about the current pulse of the workforce. Subscribe to The Perna Syndicate now on your favorite platform so you don’t miss a beat. Thanks, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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