97 - Two Ways to Value Employees

Episode: 97

Episode Title: Two Ways to Value Employees

Employees who feel valued are more productive, more fulfilled, and more engaged at work. Here are two ways to make your employees feel like they matter, beyond just the work they put out—coming up next.


Ep 97 show:

Welcome—you are now in The Perna Syndicate! Yesterday we talked about how smaller organizations are going big on employee engagement during the pandemic. Even though many of these employees are under a lot of pressure at work, more than 90% feel heard and valued by their employers. That’s incredible!


Sounds easy—just make people feel valued for what they do. But, how exactly do you do that? Well, here’s a couple observations from my own company. 


First, make sure that employees have what they need to do their jobs. I chat frequently with my team, and at the end of almost every conversation, I ask them if there is anything I can do for them—anything at all that they need from me. Now, the answer is usually no, but asking the question gives them an open door if there is a need. I want them to know that their needs, preferences, and ideas matter, and I want to know about them.  


Value is also personal. How well do you know your employees beyond the workplace? I’m not saying you have to be besties, but taking the time to ask about life outside work can show them they’re more than a cog in the machine. Of course, keep it professional and don’t pry…but let them know you care. 


Even if you’re not a manager or business owner, you can still make your workplace a more rewarding place by making those around you feel valued. Offer your help, ask questions and be ready to listen, and you’ll make a bigger difference right where you are.


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