813-Accommodation for Achievement

Episode: 813

Episode Title: Accommodation for Achievement


Providing accommodations to neurodiverse employees doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can save you from losing a valuable employee. Here’s how, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 813 show:

Welcome back to a new day on The Perna Syndicate! Eye to Eye is an organization that empowers neurodiverse individuals to ask and advocate for accommodations in the classroom, and ultimately, in the workplace.


CEO David Flink says that, quote, “employers should be thoughtful when assessing what needs to be done and work with the employee to reach the same level of excellence at the same speed.” End quote. He also says that individual education plans, or IEPs, that are used in classrooms can also be implemented in the workplace.


Employers should invite employees to outline what accommodations help them work better. Leaders must also understand that certain accommodations may need to be adjusted depending on the task. 


In Flink’s opinion, developing this aspect of your human resource program can also be appealing to those who don’t have learning differences. All employees can contribute more efficiently and productively by advocating for reasonable adjustments that help us work better. By inviting employees to share their needs, managers build trust.


Accommodations can lead to greater employee retention, enhanced productivity, increased morale, and a truly inclusive workplace. And who doesn’t want that? 


Tomorrow: Should neurodiverse people be open about their struggles with teachers and employers? We’ll discuss that question next time on The Perna Syndicate See you then! 

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