778-5 Skills for Tomorrow

Episode: 778

Episode Title: 5 Skills for Tomorrow 


As technology gets smarter, there’s about to be a big shift in what skills are most in-demand. Get ready with these 5 skills for the future, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 778 show:

You are now in The Perna Syndicate! Pearson researchers recently examined census data to see how job requirements may change as a result of technological advances. The result? Several more skills you’re going to need in the near future as the world continues to shift. Here are the top 5. 


Number one, collaboration. Our best work is often produced with active participation from others, and this is not changing any time soon.


Number two, customer focus. This takes a more proactive stance toward customer service by anticipating needs in a way that pleasantly surprises the customer.


Number three, personal learning and mastery. While the workforce wants employers to take the lead in providing upskilling opportunities, the truth is that those who seek such training on their own initiative will go further, faster.


Number four, achievement focus. This is the flip side of collaboration: the ability to work well without others—specifically, without others having to check that you’re actually, you know, working.


Number five, cultural and social intelligence. This requires empathy, interest, and the ability to forge a real human connection with those we interact with.


I hope these 5 power skills for the future are impactful as you work to further your professional life. I’ll catch you tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate when we talk about some practical steps to actually build these skills. Take care!

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