772-Never Too Smart to be Confused

Episode: 772

Episode Title: Never Too Smart to be Confused


You may not know as much as you think you do when you finish college, and Bill Gates agrees. Here’s what he shared on this topic, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 772 show:

Thank you for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate today! This week we are covering 5 pieces of advice Bill Gates gave to recent graduates. His second piece of advice is that ‘you are never too smart to be confused’.


Gates emphasized the value of lifelong learning. He thought he knew everything when he left college. But eventually, he realized that the first step to learning something new is leaning into what you don’t know, rather than focusing on what you do know.


Such learning is best gleaned from others who are experts in their field—or perhaps just a little further along than you. Gates said, “At some point in your career, you will find yourself facing a problem you cannot solve on your own. When that happens, don’t panic. Take a breath. Force yourself to think things through. And then find smart people to learn from.”


He went on to add that these smart people could be one of your fellow graduates, who has a good perspective and will push you to think differently. It could even be an expert in the field who is willing to reply to your questions over direct message.


Gates said that just about everything he has accomplished happened because he sought out others who knew more than he did. “People want to help you,” said Gates. “The key is to not be afraid to ask. You may be done with school. But the rest of your life can—and should—still be an education.”


Thank you for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate today! Come back tomorrow for more words of wisdom from Bill Gates. See you then!

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