75 - What’s the Gold in Your Crisis?

Episode: 75

Episode Title: What’s the Gold in Your Crisis?


So where is the gold lurking within our crisis moments? Stay tuned as we go mining for gold…coming up next!


Ep 75 show:

Hello and welcome—you’re in the Perna Syndicate! Lately, I’ve been thinking about the tremendous challenges and opportunities that 2020 has brought. When the pandemic hit, a lot of us went into panic mode, myself included. I was scared for my loved ones, for myself, and for my livelihood as a speaker and consultant. 


But I didn’t stay in panic mode long. 


Focus, plan, and take action—these three steps have always been my path to growth in the midst of tremendous life challenges. When things seem most chaotic, these are the moments that must be embraced and exploited for the tremendous opportunities they are. 


Crisis moments push us to adapt, change course if needed, and take the massive action necessary to find the gold in the crisis.


Every crisis has gold, the value that is unseen by everyone else and must be mined out. It comes in the form of opportunities that others miss, ideas rarely thought, and ways to better connect and inspire those who are seeing only the crisis and not the opportunity.


So what’s the gold in your crisis? What is the good that can be mined out of the challenges you’re currently facing? This gold is more than a silver lining; it’s something you must actively dig out for yourself. Focus, plan, take action, and look for the gold that everyone else is missing…it’s always there. 


Thanks for being a part of The Perna Syndicate this week. For more free resources and inspiration, connect with me at MarkCPerna.com. We’ll see you next week!

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