749-Lifestyle Motivates Gen Z

Episode: 749

Episode Name: Lifestyle Motivates Gen Z


What’s the number-one biggest motivator for Gen Z? It’s not the job they’ll do, but the life they’ll live. Here’s why this matters, next on The Perna Syndicate. 


Ep 749 show:
You’re now in The Perna Syndicate—and I’m glad you’re here! When it comes to motivation, everyone is different. We all have a light at the end of our tunnels, and that light is different for every person. But we can make a few observations about what motivates Gen Z, and it really boils down to one word: lifestyle.


Every decision a young person makes is based on how it affects their lifestyle. One of the biggest areas where this dynamic plays out is in their career choices. Career has become a lifestyle decision. 


If you want to start a substantive conversation with a young person about their career direction, don’t start with career. Start with lifestyle. 


Two questions I love to ask young people are: What do you love to do? And, what do you do well? That will launch you into a myriad of followup questions that will plot them out somewhere on this spectrum of lifestyle. 


There are those who want to be millionaires, to live like a Kardashian. But then there are those on the other end who just want two hot meals a day. And then of course, there’s everything in between. 


Lifestyle is the entry point that gets Gen Z excited about their future. I talked earlier this week about how our challenge as parents, educators, and employers is getting young people to really want something. And that truly is the key. 


Once they discover their perfect intersection of career and lifestyle, that’s when they start to want more out of their education and employment. And that’s where achievement thrives.


Next time: Why do some young people seem stuck where they’re at in life? We’ll talk about that question tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate…see you then!

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