737-An Optimistic Workforce

Episode: 737

Episode Title: An Optimistic Workforce 


The American workforce is highly optimistic about their future careers, but employers need to understand why—coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 737 show:

Thanks for tuning into The Perna Syndicate today! Despite the instability we’re seeing in the economy, a study by the University of Phoenix indicates that we are still in a free-agent labor market. This simply means an environment in which the workforce feels confident in the opportunities available to them. Free-agent workers are willing to pursue new paths to achieve both their career goals and better work-life balance.


John Woods of the University of Phoenix says that in three years of conducting this study, the optimism of the American worker has been the one constant element. Employees have sought, and will continue to seek, fulfilling careers—because they’re confident they can find one.


More than just a moment in time, the Great Resignation was a turning point that called for meaningful, sustained, ongoing efforts from employers to understand what the workforce needs. Meeting those individual needs will positively impact their business and fuel organizational growth. 


In other words, the Great Resignation has never really gone away—and nor will it. With this free-agent employee mindset comes the challenge (and the opportunity) for employers to rethink the resources, benefits, and support they offer to address the needs of today’s workforce. 


In general, free agents don’t operate from an innate sense of loyalty. And that’s why it’s so vital for employers to listen to their people—and take action on what they say.


Tomorrow: Are transactional perks enough to keep workers engaged? Not anymore, and that’s what we’re talking about next time on The Perna Syndicate. Tune in and we’ll see you then!

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