73 - Why You’re A Marketer 

Episode: 73

Episode Title: Why You’re A Marketer 


Marketing’s not my job…or is it? The truth is, everyone’s a marketer. Find out more, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 73 show:

Hello, and welcome—I’m your host, Mark Perna!  Did you realize that you’re in marketing? If you’ve ever debated or persuaded someone, ever tried to convince them of your viewpoint, then you’re a marketer. We all market and sell our thoughts and ideas on a daily basis, seeking to convince others that they will benefit from our perspective.


As I work with schools and colleges around the country, I frequently hear educators say that marketing is someone else’s job, not theirs. They don’t see themselves as salespeople or marketers, but the fact is that they truly do market and sell their strategies, concepts, knowledge, credibility, importance, and more. By the sheer power of their job description, teachers market their knowledge and skill all day long to their students.


If you’re a professional educator, you may not want the task of marketing—but that’s like giving the keys of the kingdom to someone else. Instructors especially should feel empowered when it comes to recruitment, because they are in the perfect position to sell the power of their programs.


Many years ago, I realized that no matter what my job title was, I was in marketing. This perspective has shaped how I communicate with clients, coworkers, and even my family. Marketing is not something to be afraid of, and it’s not that hard when you focus on the benefits. 


Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to market more effectively to today’s younger generations—for education, employment, and life. Thanks for tuning in today. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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