720-Managers: Let Go!

Episode: 720

Episode Title: Managers: Let Go!


Feeling a sense of ownership over your work style can increase your performance. Here’s why it matters so much, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 720 show:

It’s Friday on The Perna Syndicate, and that means we’re wrapping up our series on the three essential elements of a strong remote team. Intentionality and trust were the first two, and today it’s all about respecting employees’ autonomy. 


As backward as it may seem, managers need to let go more! The more room they make for their people, the more initiative these people can take. This is the missing piece to creating a self-motivated team. 


Autonomy, or the freedom to make your own choices, is a core motivator. To be able to work according to your own strengths, in your own way, can be such a game changer. 


Over the past few years, workers have discovered just how empowering it can be to control their own workflow. Let them decide how to best use their strengths. It will produce better results. They know what works best for them, you just need to give them the freedom and flexibility.


I’ll say it again: let go! It’s how I lead my team, and it always produces better results than if I attempted to micromanage them. 


If you missed the last couple episodes on trust and intentionality, feel free to go back and give them a listen. All of these components work hand in hand to build a truly unstoppable remote workforce. 


Thank you for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate this week! Next week we are continuing the conversation on how to make remote work not just okay, but actually incredible. I can’t wait to see you then—take care!


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