636- Celebrating All The Choices

Episode: 636

Episode Title: Celebrating All The Choices


From tech to trades, apprenticeships are worth celebrating. Here’s why they’re becoming more and more popular, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 636 show:

You’re now in The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host, Mark Perna. Thanks to inflation, all of us feel the sting of rising prices. Everything costs more than it used to, and we’re all forced to make difficult choices about where we spend our hard-earned money. 


One big area where those choices are getting tougher is the price of a college education. According to Gates Foundation research, more and more people are questioning whether they can earn a positive return from such a big investment in higher education. 


I’m a huge fan of the college degree, if that’s what your chosen career truly requires. But I’m also a huge fan of other options like apprenticeships. These on-the-job training programs have recently seen a revival as an affordable way for young people to pursue their career dreams.


The current education model, built the college degree, just isn’t viable for everyone. Not only does the cost make it harder for many to go (and graduate), but workforce leaders also believe there can be a disconnect between what colleges teach and what they need their workforce to know. 


Sophie Ruddock, VP of Multiverse, says that students sitting in class for four years before they get to apply their learning to a job, simply doesn’t make sense. Often, this means that students will have to relearn a skill once they enter the workforce.


This week, we’re going to celebrate the fact that young people have choices when it comes to their career pathways. Join me on The Perna Syndicate tomorrow to start that conversation. See you there!

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