623 - What If Students Quit: Impact Week 2022

Episode: 623

Episode Title: What If Students Quit: Impact Week 2022

Across the country, teachers are thinking about quitting—but what if students are, too? Listen in for another high-impact episode from 2022 on the Perna Syndicate!


Ep 623 show:

Hello and welcome to Impact Week on The Perna Syndicate! We are circling back to 2022’s most downloaded episodes. Today it’s all about another possible consequence of the education crisis.


How long before students, unengaged in school and with no human connection there, realize that there are ways they can succeed without that diploma? The gig economy has a place for them. There’s always bitcoin. And no one will question their graduation status if they start their own business. 


Skills, rather than diplomas and degrees, are coming to the forefront in the hiring process. Amid our record talent shortage, employers are frantic for workers and are trying to entice them by any and all means: higher wages, sign-on bonuses, flexible work arrangements, and more. How long before they relax their requirements to hire workers with the ability to do the job, even if they don’t have a diploma?


This highly entrepreneurial generation is savvy enough to realize they can start making a living now—and worry about getting their GED later. If they don’t feel that human connection at school, they’re checking out, and not just mentally. 


This could happen in your community and in mine. Kids are kids—they don’t realize what it really means if they skip part of their education. We have got to forge a human connection with them so they see the relevance of school and how it will pay off for their future. And we’ve got to start now.


Tomorrow: One of the biggest things leaders needed to build in 2022 was trust. Next time on The Perna Syndicate, we’ll talk about the trust gap in the workplace and why it matters. See you then!

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