617 - Human Connection Can’t Be Forced

Episode: 617

Episode Title: Human Connection Can’t Be Forced

Even though people need a human connection at work more than ever, it can’t be forced. Here’s why it has to happen naturally, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 617 show:

Thanks for joining The Perna Syndicate today! This week we’re talking about human connection, and why so many people are missing it at work today. 


What exactly do I mean by human connection? It’s a rapport that is forged when a person feels seen, heard, and valued by another individual. The strength of that connection is built over time, as ongoing interactions cement and deepen the original bond.


I use the term ‘human connection’ instead of ‘relationship’ for several reasons. Human connection emphasizes the moment of making contact, of being eye to eye and belly to belly. ‘Relationship’ sounds like a more demanding investment than simply connecting with someone.  


A human connection cuts through the artificial, surface-level interactions that most people either endure or actively avoid. Gen Z especially has little time for people who strike them as inauthentic. 


Of course, no one wants to be told to ‘play nice and be friends,’ as if they’re kids at a playdate arranged by their parents. And therein lies the rub for executives who want to help employees forge a human connection, but can’t mandate or dictate it. 


A true human connection is essentially organic in that it happens naturally—or not at all. Job listings can request applicants who work well with others, but they can’t demand that you make eye contact with your teammates or display genuine interest in their lives.


Despite all this, employers can set the stage for people to connect on a real level. It all starts with leadership, and that’s what we’re discussing on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate. See you then!

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