611 - Security in a Recession

Episode: 611

Episode Title: Security in a Recession

Are we going from a booming employment market to an economic recession? Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 611 show:

Welcome to a new week on The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host, Mark Perna. While job openings remain at near record highs, recent layoffs and hiring freezes at some big-name companies have created anxiety, especially among people seeking new jobs.


According to a Joblist survey from earlier this year, 60% of job seekers feel a sense of urgency to find a job now before market conditions change for the worse. Almost half of those looking for work also think the market is going to get worse in the next six months. 


Changing economic conditions have also shifted how job seekers assess potential employers. Candidates are now asking a lot more questions about the financial trajectory of companies, including whether they’ve had layoffs over the past couple years. 


What these questions are really getting at, of course, is job security. If you’re a candidate, you want to feel assured that the role and organization are viable for the long term—even if a recession hits. 


I wish I knew which way the economy is headed, but no one knows for sure. What I do know is that there are concrete steps to increase our sense of security at our current jobs—or at a new one. 


That’s what we’ll be talking about all week on The Perna Syndicate. Tune in tomorrow for more…we’ll see you then!


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