610 - We Are What We Think

Episode: 610

Episode Title: We Are What We Think

How can leaders support their teams in clearer, deeper, more productive thinking? Here’s a few insights, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 610 show:

Thanks for tuning into The Perna Syndicate today! The thinking gap among younger workers is a worrying trend. By 2030, Millennials and Gen Z could comprise almost 75% of the workforce. Employees who cannot think beyond survival mode will be less innovative, less resilient, less collaborative, and less able to cope with the challenges of everyday work. 


Lenovo’s recent study found that burnout and fatigue were among the top reasons that people could not think clearly, deeply, or productively. So what can organizations do about it? 


Employees should be encouraged to balance their use of technology with the time and space to be alone with their thoughts. For in-person workplaces, quiet environments designated for thinking will demonstrate the organization’s commitment to a healthy thought life and encourage employees to make use of the space. 


Leaders can also model a healthy balance of using technology and unplugging from it at regular intervals to clear their mind. 


Of course, thinking is not just a solo endeavor. Collaborative thinking, such as brainstorming, is vital for new ideas to emerge and problems to be solved. Leaders should ensure that their teams are thinking together, rather than in siloes.  


We are what we think—and the good news is, we all have the capacity to improve our level of thinking. It will take a little effort, but it’s worth it. In fact, the ability to think well is vital to our future.


Thanks for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate this week! I’m your host, Mark Perna, and we’ll see you back here next week for more insights on career and life. Until then, take care!

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