595 - The Elephant in the Room

Episode: 595

Episode Title: The Elephant in the Room

It’s great to welcome boomerang employees back to the company, but there’s an elephant in the room. Why did they leave? Stay tuned for more, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 595 show:

This is The Perna Syndicate—thanks for tuning in! All week we’ve been talking about boomerang employees and why rehiring them can be a smart move for companies that need to win the War for Talent. 


And all of that is great, but there’s an elephant in the room that we haven’t really brought up yet. Why did the employee leave in the first place? 


Many experts recommend taking the time to gather objective feedback from soon-to-be ex-employees, especially those who might someday return as boomerangers. Exit interviews should be carefully crafted to maintain the relationship and leave that door open. And of course, truly honest answers about why they’re leaving should also be encouraged.


No matter what answers are given in the exit interview, companies should be sure to express gratitude for the employee’s contribution. Of course, gratitude is key not just for people who are leaving, but for everyone. Research suggests that people who were thanked in the last month are half as likely to be looking for a new job, and three times more likely to see a path to grow within the organization.


Short of a toxic work culture, which a person is unlikely to want to return to, most reasons that workers quit can be addressed together. It’s one more reason to maintain that relationship and keep the lines of communication wide open.


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