560 - Leading In The New Model of Success

Episode: 560

Episode Title: Leading In The New Model of Success

A fuller, richer definition of success is less about your title and more about your relationships. It’s a whole new picture of leadership—next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 560 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! This week, I’ve been sharing highlights of my discussion with Dr. Alan Patterson on why we need to build bridges at work rather than keep trying to climb the corporate ladder. 


In Patterson’s view, people need to focus less on their own achievements and more on building a broad network of relationships with the goal of helping others to succeed.


Leaders who embrace this deeper version of career success will master the skills of creating impact and meaning. This type of message will especially resonate with the emerging younger generations, who are already redefining workplace success for themselves.


True leadership is no longer just the ability to make decisions and steer the ship, so to speak. Rather, it will be the powerful ability to create conditions for others to unleash their intrinsic potential—to do what is critical and meaningful for them. This is the type of leadership skill that will be even more important in the future.


If the Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s that the old definitions of workplace success aren’t enough anymore. As we said earlier this week, most of us will spend a third of our life at work. So let’s make it work – that counts for more than just ourselves. 


A more empathetic, relationship-oriented approach is key not just to career growth, but to a life that embraces a fuller meaning of success—as defined by you.


Thanks for tuning in and making The Perna Syndicate a part of your day. I’m your host, Mark Perna, and we’ll see you back here next week for more on The Perna Syndicate. Until then, take care!

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