54 - The Anxious Generation

Episode: 54-the-anxious-generation


Which generation is now being called “the anxious generation”—and what does this mean at work? Stay tuned to find out.


Ep 54 show:

Hello, and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! These days, millennials are being called the “anxious generation.” According to a recent survey by Business Insider, they’re also “lonely, burned out and depressed.” Half of millennials, along with 75% of Gen-Z, have left a job for mental health reasons. 


As the first generation to grow up with the Internet and social media, millennials are battling unique pressures and insecurities. As one mental health blogger observes, “The world is at millennials’ fingertips, but they also feel its immense weight.”


But there is good news, too. Millennials aren’t just the anxious generation. They’re also the “therapy generation”—unafraid to confront their mental health struggles and seek help.


According to Zapier’s recent Digital Natives Report, more than three-quarters of millennials and Gen-Z say that the ability to discuss mental health openly at work is important to them. What’s more, the vast majority think that employers should have a mental health policy in place. 


All to say, when it comes to mental health, younger workers want more than talk—they want employers to take decisive action.


Tomorrow, we’ll chat about how employers can support Millennials—and the rest of the workforce—in the critical area of mental health. See you then!

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