486 - Train Us, Says Gen Z

Episode: 486

Episode Title: Train Us, Says Gen Z

Gen Z wants more training at work, but not just on the hard skills needed for the job. They’re looking for more—coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 486 show:

Hi, I’m your host Mark Perna—welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Generation Z has incredible clarity about what they want at work. The good news is, if companies can satisfy Gen Z employees, it’s likely they’ll also meet the needs of the rest of the workforce. 


A new study by TalentLMS sheds light on five key issues for the youngest working generation—and everyone else. The first is a big one: training. 


48% of Gen Z want training on soft skills, which is huge. I’ve been saying for years that soft (or as I call them, professional) skills are the currency of the future. Apparently, young people agree. The study also found that 47% of Gen Z want mental health training.


The lack of a healthy work-life balance is hurting workers of all ages. For Gen Z, stress and burnout rank as the second highest reason to quit a job. 91% of Gen Z are experiencing at least one symptom of stress and more than 1 in 3 find it difficult to cope with pressure at work. 82% want mental health days, and 28% say it’s tough to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


This may be why this generation places such a premium on workplace training on topics like mental health, soft skills and life skills. 


Offering a wide range of relevant training, beyond just the scope of the job itself, can help meet the needs of the youngest employees and everyone else as well.


Tomorrow: As the Great Resignation continues, work culture has become a hot topic, especially for younger workers. Next up on The Perna Syndicate, we’ll talk about the latest findings about what makes your workplace a great place to be. See you then!

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