443 - Should I Go To College?

Episode: 443

Episode Title: Should I Go To College?

Should I go to college? It’s a big question that young people are asking themselves. Here’s a little guidance to make the answer clearer, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 443 show:

You’re now in The Perna Syndicate—welcome! This week I’m sending an open letter to every high school student who can be reached through this show. We’ve talked about the new competitive advantage you need, why college isn’t the place to figure out life, and now I want to address college from a different angle. 


Given the huge price tag that comes with a college education, should you go to college at all?


Here’s my take: college can be a great option, but it’s not the only one. Not enough people are going into fields like healthcare, computer science, electrical technology, high-tech manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, and more. This creates amazing opportunities for those who do. And many of these high-paying positions require industry certifications rather than four-year degrees.


If you’re planning to go to college, be sure it’s for the right reasons. Be sure that the degree you’re going for will pay for itself in your future career. 


Don’t go just because that’s what everyone else is doing, or because you think a degree is the only way to win. Go to college because it’s one step in your pathway,  path, because you need college in order to make your career dreams a reality. Go with a purpose. 


According to some experts, only 25% of those entering a four-year institution will actually complete their bachelor’s degree. If you decide to go to college, going for the right reasons will make all the difference for you.


Tomorrow: what does it mean to build your own dream instead of someone else’s? Let’s talk about it on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate. Until then, take care! 

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