434 - 5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social

Episode: 434

Episode Title: 5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social

Does social media marketing have to be a mystery? Not to Gen-Z! Here’s how these digital natives are leveraging social media to succeed, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 434 show:

This is The Perna Syndicate—hello and welcome! For someone like myself whose career predates social media, the idea of relying on it to grow my business sounds daunting. I’m comfortable with technology and use it daily—and yet, it’s still not my native turf. 


Gen-Z, on the other hand, are digital natives. They grew up with a device in hand, and they don’t just understand social media. They live and breathe it. 


That’s why, when teen entrepreneur Destiny Snow started leveraging social media to grow her company, everything changed. After months of stagnant sales, her business exploded when she found the right recipe of social media promotions to reach her ideal audience. 


Destiny shared five tips for anyone looking to grow a business on social media: 

Number one, no matter what social media platform you’re using, promote your business consistently. 

Number two, partner with celebrities and influencers that fit your target audience. 

Number three, analyze and adjust your content strategy to ensure that your content will be prioritized by the social network that you’re using. 

Number four, encourage engagement by starting a conversation. 

And number five, promote your business on more than one social media platform.  


These simple steps have yielded big rewards for Destiny and other teen entrepreneurs like her. And who knows? Maybe an old dog like me can still learn a few of these new tricks. 


Next up: Young entrepreneurs are often told to believe in themselves, but is that really enough? On The Perna Syndicate tomorrow, we’ll look at that popular advice in a new way. See you then! 

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